Wednesday, March 28, 2012

swallow study success!

Last week we went to Children's Hospital for a swallow study. His last study was a few years ago and showed total aspiration with liquids and at high risk for choking with solids. Due to these results, we had delayed because they wanted him to make significant progress before retesting.

Well, he had showed *some* interest in drinking on the rare occasion...but very little. But I decided to move forward with the test anyway to have a better sense of how much to push.

And we got AMAZING news!!! While he continues to present a slow and uncoordinated swallow, he is actually swallowing! He is cleared to move forward with all liquids! Very exciting! (Now the trick is to convince Max that drinking is a good thing.)

Wooo hoooo Max! Chocolate milk, sweet yummy juices...there are so many fun drinks to enjoy!

He waited sooooo patiently for the test to begin.

The only part of the test that really frustrated him was when he spilled the liquid on himself...he really does NOT like getting messy. We had several wardrobe changes during the study.
Enjoying chocolate pudding and showing off his feeding and swallowing skills!
And a fun light toy kept him happy and distracted too!

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