Saturday, December 17, 2011

"the blue glove"

Our amazing photographer friend, Lesley, volunteers her time to The Arc to help us with our annual "Smiles of Life" calendar. In between shoots, she always manages to turn the camera on me and Max and gets a few cute and silly shots. :) She gave me the CD yesterday and it made me giggle with delight. She caught his addiction of the moment..."blue medical gloves". Who knows? But he went through a short period this summer of LOVING wearing the blue glove. Now we have some fun photos to remember that period. Thanks Lesley!

And now time for Mommy to be a little goofy for her friend...silly lady!


Kurby Family said...

Gorgeous pictures...Max and his Mommy are both beautiful!

Lisa W. said...

These are great photos Amy! Maybe we have a future Dr. Max!!!

Lisa W. said...
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