Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sea World adventures!

Last night we returned from our adventures in Florida...what a fun trip! :) We were there for the 10th International CHARGE Conference to learn and connect with families and leading professionals in CHARGE world. LOTS and LOTS of information to process and put into action. The ultimate goal...helping Max reach his potential!

It was fantastic to visit and enjoy our time with fellow CHARGE families. We all have such great admiration for one another on this journey and it always feels like such a family reunion. Simply wonderful.

It was definitely a worthwhile conference, and it was also fun to add in some local attractions. We had one day at Disney (but no Mickey sightings...bummer) and another at Sea World. Great times! Here are some fun highlights!

Feeding the sea lions was awesome! The one on the right looked so much like our lil' pup, Canela...too cute!

Max thought the fish were quite slimy and icky but tried his best to participate.

The shows were incredible! I am stunned with the awesome acting skills of the animals!

Another highlight of Sea World was the dancing. Max literally jumped out of his stroller to join in on the fun! We literally had to pull him off the dance floor so we could see more animals. :) So great!


Carolyn said...

WOW, you are having an awesome summer. You must becoming quite the dancer. Glad you had a good time.
Carolyn in WV

Crystal M. said...

Looks like a great time at Sea World, sorry you didnt see Mickey. Eva saw him about 3 or 4 times durning our 3 days at the parks but not once in Magic Kingdom.
It was great to see you guys and cannot wait til AZ.

hannah m said...

So happy you had a great trip to the conference; bummed we couldn't be there to meet you guys. Max is sweet and clever as ever. Enjoy the rest of summer! xoxo

Kurby Family said...

Looks like an awesome time. We didn't realize Sea World was separate until a little too late...wish we would've made it over there, looks like a fabulous time!