Friday, July 22, 2011

successful cardiology checkup!

Last week Grammy joined me and Max for a trip to Children's Hospital. We had appointments with cardiology and the dentist.

After the tests, we met with his cardiologist and received wonderful news. Drumroll please.....we are now on the two-year program for check-ups! Fabulous! There are some issues I need to watch for, but overall, his heart is doing great!!! Yay Max! :)

Such a good (and adorable) patient!

The techs had decorated the leads with Sesame characters. Max thought this was pretty darn cool!

He wanted the leads left on his chest for the day and took the extras to decorate other parts of his body too!

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Carolyn said...

Oh Max, you have me laughing. I love the crossed legs while laying there for your test. Congrats on the two year check-ups.
Carolyn in WV