Thursday, August 11, 2011

physical therapy can be fun!

In the recent year or so, physical therapy has taken a back burner in Max's life due to other more pressing challenges. However, some concerns have been on my mind lately so I touched base with Max's PT. Many individuals with CHARGE have scoliosis, low muscle tone and other muscle irregularities.

It does appear that Max has developed mild scoliosis...perhaps due to a tightness on the right side of the neck (sometimes known as torticollis) that Jill (our amazing PT) also noticed right away. Max also is presenting issues with range of motion...including his neck, shoulders and chest (perhaps due to the open heart surgery). Fortunately Jill was encouraging and came up with some great ideas to increase Max's strength and flexibility.

Looking forward to working on this...AND having some fun while doing so! :)


Kurby Family said...

Sounds like this type of "work" is right up Max's alley...looks like he will be having a lot of fun as he gets the strength and flexibility exercises he needs. Looks like he might be in Cirrque Du Soleil soon!

Crystal M. said...

Looks like lots of fun!!! Now thats therapy!