Monday, February 14, 2011

McKinley Lovefest 2011

Maxwell has been blessed with so many special friends that we decided to throw a Valentine's Day party to celebrate!

(One of my friends nicknamed it "McKinley Lovefest 2011"...and the name has stuck. Love it!)

One of my favorite new photos of my handsome lil' man!

Our lil' friend Eva took on the role of photographer for some of the time and captured this fun shot of our friend Gretchen. Good job Eva!

I love Valentine's Day and all the fun goodies you can make into hearts. This year we enjoyed heart shaped ice cubes, heart shaped pb&j sandwiches, cheese hearts....and the list went on and on.

These were two of my personal favorites...watermelon and orange cupid arrows!

And layered gelatin colorful and jiggly!

Cooper enjoyed the "Berry Love Potion"...and we enjoyed his adorable grin!

Funny...there were about 10 kiddos but Cooper managed to get in almost every photo! :) Love that boy!

The kiddos all enjoyed played "pin the heart on the monkey."


Eva and her 'rents said...

Such a fun party. Thanks for inviting us. We love you guys (and your creativity!)

Crystal M. said...

You always know how to have fun!! Wish we lived closer to join you all.