Saturday, October 23, 2010

time for recess!

Every day Max and his friends enjoy recess together!

The students in the supported education, aka "Lifeskills," and the "typical" kindergarten have recess at the same time, which is really great for all.

I was so excited to see this handsome young man, Jackson, be such a great friend to Max. He and a few others are so interested in learning about Maxwell and want to play with him. Needless to say, this simple act of reaching out to Max filled my heart with such joy and love!

And there is Lisa giving sweet hugs to our favorite lil' guy!

Recess back to the classroom.


Carolyn said...

Recess is the favorite time for all kiddos. And Max seems to know exactly what to do. So glad his buddies look after him.
Hugs and love you both,
Carolyn in WV

Kurby Family said...

We need more Jacksons in the world...made me smile, I can only imagine the joy you had seeing them playing together. Although Max does seem to be king of the playground!

Eva and her 'rents said...

What a sweet boy, that Jackson. Gives me great peace to know there are children out there with such compassion. :)

Catherine said...

Do you remember the Max (of course you do) pic with the Gtube peek a boo. Reu's doing the same now. We just call it the milk button