Monday, October 25, 2010

how to play skee mighty max

1) First, you observe the grownups. Ok, got it.

2) Now pick up the ball and consider the next step.

3) Ok, looks like I am supposed to roll this thing. Lean forward and really put your body into it.

Hmmm...that wasn't too exciting. Let's try something different.
4) Just pick up the ball and throw. (Never mind the grownups advising you that this is not a good idea.)

6) It's ok to accept help from the grownups. Sometimes they actually know what they are doing.

7) Enjoy the victory. You and the grownups make a great team!


Crystal M. said...

Very cute!!! Great job Max I love how smart you are!!

Kurby Family said...

I guess grown ups aren't all bad, huh. Love the step by step demo, looks like you had a fun time!

Eva and her 'rents said...

What a great series of pictures! What fun!

hannah m said...

Max, I love skee ball, too! I haven't played for years...and now I have a hankering to!

Kristi said...

So fun! :-) One of my favorites at the game places... would love to play with you, Max!