Saturday, August 21, 2010

organizer in action...again!

Max loves to move around his buddies and try them out in new locations. Always so cute to see this organizer in action!

Even dog dishes make good resting spots for Max's buddies.

And of course, the shelves are always a favorite!

Max thinks it's extra fun to watch Signing Times with all his buddies on top of the tv. :)

Off to a new location...


Carolyn said...

Mighty Max the Organizer. I need you to come and help me get organized.
Love you !!

Kurby Family said...

Joey keeps pointing to your Mickey's and asking to watch them on his tv! Great organizing Max, could you help Joey organize his toys?

Crystal M. said...

I think Max needs to come to our house and help us get things in order...LOL

dluvscoke said...

I love these pics! Thanks for sharing. Max is very cute and I love that he organizes things.
My oldest son has Autism and I wonder if you'd like to exchange links? I think our readers would greatly benefit.
Please look at my blog.