Friday, August 20, 2010

nighttime adventures

You just never know what to expect with Mighty Max...especially his nighttime adventures.

Sometimes (with the support of medications), he gets a fairly good night's sleep. YAY! :) Other times, it seems like nothing works and he seriously could stay up all night long if I let him.

  • Recently he has decided that he just HAS to have his hearing aid on in bed. No problem...except when I take out his new and very tight fitting mold when he finally falls asleep, he almost always wakes up and the process beings all over again. :) (Yes, I know I just need to be more strict with him on not wearing it to bed, but I just love that he loves "hearing" that much!)
  • Last week, I thought I was being super smart by babyproofing his bedroom door. Silly, silly mommy. Within two nights, he learned how to take off that...too funny. Impressive fine motor skills Maxwell!
  • He loves running around "free bird style" and removed three diapers last night. I couldn't help myself and was laughing hysterically because he knew he was being silly. We both were laughing like crazy kiddos! :)

And for a few quick photos from last night...

Max loves his Sesame Street buddies and often wants to take them to bed...this is what I found last night. Pretty darn cute!

He woke up and was very upset that he couldn't play more. I closed the door and soon enough came across this scene. As much as he thought he wanted to play, he was definitely was a tired lil' man!


Carolyn said...

Dear sweet Max!!!!!

Kurby Family said...

Please let mommy rest you party animal! It is hard for her to be strict when you're so stinkin' cute!!!

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