Tuesday, August 24, 2010

max's very favorite!

Max enjoyed this ride last year, but oh my goodness did he LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it this year! With the help of some friends, he went on it about ten times within just a few hours. He kept asking for it...even when we were in line for others. Then we were in line, he had a very difficult time waiting. He actually tried to move some kiddos out of the way so he could get first in line!

(This ride doesn't look too scary, but it really is fast! Each time I was caught off guard with the quick spins and intense speed!)

"Roller coaster" (moving his hand up and down like a roller coaster) is my new favorite sign for sure. So great to see him learn it so quickly! Then he also used "fast" and "fun." I was beyond excited!

Here are some cute pictures of Aunt Eliz on the ride with Mighty Max:

Later in the night, we went to see the light show. While everyone else was quite impressed with it, Max started signing "roller coaster" again so back we went to the rides.


Anara said...

Love the pictures...... and you two.....

Carolyn said...

Max, you sure a MIGHTY, because I do not like roller coasters. You ROCK.
Carolyn in WV

Crystal M. said...

WOW MAX Way to go!! You are ready for the big places like Disneyland/Disney World.

Molly said...

Amy, where is this? We are just north of the border (Cloverdale) and always looking for something fun to do