Sunday, June 20, 2010

preschool graduation celebration

This week included a special graduation celebration from preschool. The kiddos, teachers and therapists joined together at a local park for the "ceremony," yummy treats and playtime.

Maxwell has been at this developmental preschool for two years, and we have been very blessed with a wonderful educational team and amazing peers. Most of the students will move on to typical classes for kindergarten, and a few will be with Max at another school for specialized education (officially titled "Life Skills" but I am working to change that name).

Everyone has made such great progress...congratulations to all our buddies!!!

The highlights of the day were the graduation cap (the tassle in particular!) and the chocolate cake.

Max immediately took off running watching the tassle swing back and forth in front of his face. Then he realized it was making shadows too. So funny!

And here comes the sugar...

Congratulations Mighty Max on this great amaze me each and every day! Watch out kindergarten, here we come!!! :)


Kurby Family said...

You look so studious Max! Love the pic of you eating your chocolate cake...yummy! Congrats buddy, on to Kindergarten- whoohoo!

Carolyn said...

Congrats Mighty Max! Your pictures are precious, just as you are. And the cake looks yummy.
Carolyn in WV

hannah m said...

Many, many congratulations, Max! Wow, this is such a milestone. We celebrate everything that makes you YOU, Max! Lots of love!

Amy, can you believe you're the mom of a kindergartner?!!! This is big!

Ruthie said...

Totally great! looking forward to many more accomplishments from you! Keep up the great work, buddy!

Crystal M. said...

Max you are adorable!! Congrats!!

Kristi said...

Congratulations, Big Man! I remember when you were born, I remember reading about your mama finally bringing you home... and now, look at you! You're a kindergartner! WOW!