Monday, June 14, 2010

meet canela!

Miss Canela joined our family this weekend. She was a rescue from Puerto Rico and is absolutely adorable!

She is so little compared to Barney and Shakey...about 10 pounds in all. She is a year old, already had one litter of puppies and even nursed her mommy's other litter of puppies. Quite a lil' sweetheart indeed!

She loves Max and wants to be with us 24/7, but Max isn't quite so sure yet.

Welcome to our sweet lil' family Miss Canela...we promise lots of fun, love and silly times! :)


Kurby Family said...

Absolutely adorable! I'm sure she'll melt Max's heart soon enough. Love the pics of all the pups, so sweet!

Crystal M. said...

Very cute puppy!!! Just the right size for Max.