Monday, December 21, 2009

the popular red bin

Who knew a red bin could provide soooo much entertainment? He and I were absolutely cracking up...and yes, I was soon wearing a bin too!

He has been addicted to arranging...and rearranging...and rearranging his bins again and again (get the message?) for the past few weeks. Now he has decided the bins are also fun as hats, chairs, and boats.

What a character!


hannah m said...

Such a fashionable hat, Max! Love your creativity.

Viv likes collecting things in bins, too - mostly puff balls and her baby doll these days :-).

Kurby Family said...

How cute, I bet he thought the red bin looked fabulous on you too! What a goof ball!

Crystal M. said...

You are just to adorable!! Eva loves to put bins and stuff on her head too.
Crystal and Eva