Sunday, December 20, 2009

ode to "Blue"

"Blue dog, blue dog...what do you do?

Blue dog, blue you live in a zoo?

Blue dog, blue dog, tell it true?

Or blue dog, blue dog, do you wear a tutu?"

Tell me, tell me blue dog...who are you?"
This song could go on for hours...and with the right tune, it can be quite catchy! But seriously, I find myself making up more and more lyrics all the time and Max seems to enjoy it. :)


hannah m said...

Love your song! You have far more talent than I do when it comes to songs on the fly...sometimes I listen to what I'm singing and wonder what in the world Viv must think of me!

Crystal M. said...

You are always singing and doing great things with Max and you do not care who is watching or listening. You are amazing Amy.
Crystal and Eva

Kurby Family said...

I wish I knew the melody you use, I have one in my head when I read that, but not sure I'm singing it right! How fun...thinking about you singing to Max reminds me of you two signing Row Row Row Your Boat at the conference.

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