Friday, November 13, 2009

"I like to move it move it"

Maxwell is sooooo into moving his body these days. It's almost like he is testing it to see all that he can do. He purposefully throws himself on the floor and thinks it is just fabulous fun! And he has created several different variations to walking...walking backwards, walking bent over, walking like a monster/rabbit, walking on his knees. It's all downright adorable and quite silly!

He often has one of his favorite toys along for the fun...because apparently that makes the falling down that much more enjoyable! :)

And he loves to wear his monkeys (courtesy of Miss Ang!) wrapped around his neck. (Remember George's Michael's "Monkey" song in the 80s? It plays in my head every time!)

His language hasn't made much progress lately, because all of his attention is on his body. The "plateau" was a little frustrating (ok, a lot) at first but then I snapped out of it and realized this "moving" is what Max wants and needs to do. I simply need to follow his lead. So dancing, walking crazy and being silly it is! :)


hannah m said...

I love all that creative walking, moving and grooving, Max!

I was just thinking about how Viv's in a gross motor plateau of sorts...our kids are working on so many things at once...thanks for the reminder - they're doing what they need to be doing!

Carolyn said...

Max seems to know what he needs to do, walking in whatever direction he want.
Carolyn in WV

Anonymous said...

okay..i'm so bad..i realized I haven't heard from you in awhile and then realized I don't have your blog on feed..

I just read this and saw the pictures..Sitting here crying..

I love you amaze me..Chelsea is taking ASL in h/s and cody will start taking it next year..Chelsea wants to be an ASL interpreter. She thinks of you and looks at your pictures..It drives her to learn more.