Tuesday, September 22, 2009

treasury of memories

So my sister has made a big decision...she is closing her scrapbooking and paper crafts store, Treasury of Memories. (For fellow scrapbookers, check out the store's blog for information on the huge closing sale starting today.)

This announcement has been big news in our community. It was an extremely emotional decision for Elizabeth, but she really wants to spend more time with her husband Jim and young boys, Jackson and Thomas.

This store and hobby have provided such an important and creative outlet for me on my journey with Maxwell. Learning to scrapbook got me through many weeks and months of difficult days in the ICU. While Max was sedated and on life support, I would try and focus on making my project look just right in between numerous meetings with the gazillion medical professionals involved with his care. Sounds crazy, right? But honestly, it was a saving grace during this excruciating time. I remember often crafting all night long because I didn't want to leave his bedside.

Upon his discharge, it was the store's customers that held a huge WELCOME HOME celebration for Maxwell. And just about every week or so, at least one person stops me while we are out and about and ask me about "Mighty Max". Often, they learned about him through Treasury and have followed our progress through store projects and our blog. Crazy connections, really. The store introduced me and Maxwell to an extremely loving, supportive community. And in return I think Max was able to reach some people about courage, faith, disabilities, and unconditional love.

Thank you Elizabeth and to the customers and staff of Treasury of Memories for creating such a wonderful community for me and Mighty Max. And Eliz, we are so darn proud of you! :)


Inkling said...

I'm glad you posted about this. When I got the email announcement, I was so sad. While it's not in my budget to go there very often, it is the only scrapbooking store I have used during my 3.5 years on the west coast. I planned to cross the border to go today, but couldn't. Hopefully this week! The first time I shopped there, you were in the back helping out with something, but I was too shy to introduce myself. It is a special place, and it will be much missed.

Kristi said...

Knowing when to walk away (or in this case, close) often takes greater courage and strength. Good for your sister for knowing what her priorities are at this time and committing herself to concentrate on them.

I fondly remember so many stories about you scrapbooking, Amy... I know this store and all it has represented is so important to you and Max. What a wonderful thing that your sister had this business during the time she did.
I am guessing you'll be picking up a lot from that closing sale :-) and I envision many scrap-a-thons with you and your sister (with boys being crazy in the background) in the very near future! :-)

Kurby Family said...

I'm sure it was a very difficult decision for your sister. It seems like it served its purpose when most needed- when you were at Max's bedside and needed an outlet of your own. And it is truly amazing how Max pull out so much love, faith, and community out of so many people. I thought Josh had more friends than I did, and it seem like Max has quite the following as well! Good luck on the final days of business, and even though the "job" may be ending, the passion and creativity will still be there.

hannah m said...

I love that your sister's store and scrapbooking have been such a special source of connection, community and creativity for you, Amy. Like Kristi wrote, I can just imagine you and your sister scrapbooking together with the boys playing in the background for years to come...

Jennifer said...

Without Treasury, I would not have had the privilege of meeting you, Amy and Maxwell! Elizabeth, Carly, Elke, so many wonderful women who have been a part of my life for so long. My husband still marvels that most anyone who answers the phone there knows my voice. You gals were there when I needed someone to just listen. To encourage through a rough time. To help me spend money!!! (Hmmm, as if I needed help with that!) To help me find that creative part of my being. Because of TOM!! And without all of you, that would not have happened! You, Amy, are one totally creative lady. I have loved watching your creative journey through your years with Max. You have evolved, both creatively, and as a mom. It has been delightful to observe. I remember our first face-to-face meeting. Hugs and tears, hugs and tears. You were, and are, a kindred spirit. I pray that we retain a connection. Hugs to you, my friend, and to all the other TOM girls.

Lisa W. said...

Best of luck to your sister...time with family trumps everything IMHO.

This post really made me miss scrapbooking...my room sits dormant with all the tools, paper, embellishments, etc. I really must get in there one of these days.

Crystal M. said...

AAWW I am so sad to hear she has to close her store, but we do what we have to do for our families. I LOVE ALL the gifts you have made us and ALL the cards as well. Thank you for everything and you sister is a wonderful person for doing all she has done for you and Max.
Crystal and Eva