Thursday, September 24, 2009

loving his cousins!

After Jackson's soccer practice, Max was more than ready to play! He and Jackson immediately held hands and cruised the playground. The three cousins have been so adorable together recently!

Look how careful Jackson is being with Max. He is such a sweet and loving boy!

Here they are in action...enjoy the video! (And yep, I just noticed that Max must have been playing with the settings again because they are in super fast mode!)


Katy said...

When are those three boys not being cute? :)

Crystal M. said...

Very cute!! LOVE THE FAST MODE!!

Kurby Family said...

Quite the Get Along Gang! It is really nice that Max is so close with his cousins. Very cute pics...and video even if it is fast!

hannah m said...

So cute! I look forward to Miss Viv having cousins one day, too!

Kristi said...

The fact that Max messed with the settings is hilarious! :-)

Love seeing the boys together!

(Gracie and Preston have a cousin Jackson, too! I hope that someday - he's only 6 months now - they will be playing together like this, too!)