Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the bug (update)

Max is going to stay home from school again today...and we have cancelled our Friday appointments at Children's. Inhalers are helping and his mood is fairly good. So all in all, we are handling this bug just fine.

I'm not as good of a sport however. :) The low energy, aches, fever just are not easy when you have lots to do. If only Max would comfort me like I comfort him! :)

This bug really settled in nicely to Max's lungs, throat, etc. And since his fever (low grade) continued, his doctor insisted we come in. Anyone with chronic medical conditions showing *any* flu symptoms is being treated very carefully.

Right now they started him on more antibiotics for an ear infection (very common in CHARGEland) and waiting to see about the other symptoms. We are doing routine inhalers and that seems to be helping quite a bit. We are doing our best to avoid the dreaded steroids...yikes.

Most importantly, he is in a great mood and starting to eat again. So I am really encouraged and think he might be ready to face the world again...very soon!


Dylan and Family said...

Uh Oh. I'm so sorry to see that you and Max are sick. I know what you mean about the low energy and icky feelings. Dylan shared so Jonah and I have it now too. Also, sorry to read that you had to cancel Childrens. Ugh.

Do you need anything? I'm all stocked up on soup.

hannah m said...

So hoping you guys are feeling better SOON! Sending healthy thoughts your way!

Kurby Family said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are sick too! I guess snuggling isn't a worry anymore, but it does stink to have to cancel your appointment- which means more to do later when you are better- ugh! Wishing you both well quickly!

Crystal M. said...

Poor Max, I hope you feel better soon!!

Carolyn said...

Max, hope you are feeling better real soon. And give your Incredible Mommy a hug for me. (and one for yourself)
Carolyn in WV

~K said...

Feel better soon, Max! We miss you :-) Kim and Nora

Crystal M. said...

I am happy to hear you are becoming your old self again Max.
Love ya,
Crystal and Eva

Catherine said...

hey got the flu too.. just hoping reuben doesn't catch it before his thursday surgery.. so upmost sympathies your way.. Cx

Kristi said...

Sure hope this finds you two feeling much better... YUCKY!

I love your take on the night parties... the part about your wish being granted for him to be free of machines and be able to freely search for you. I love your outlook, Amy!

We could always set up a late night Skype session between you & Max and Gracie & me! :-) We're up, too! :-)

Tommy's mommy said...

Tommy is on Tamiflu now. No messing around :) Hope Max feels better, sure loved seeing you guys at the walk.

-love, swap meet lady