Sunday, September 27, 2009


We have been playing a lot with bubbles fun! Usually Max loves putting the bubble machine up to his cheek (to feel the vibration) but he also has been interested in learning how to actually blow the bubbles. Well, here you go...skill mastered! Woo hoo!


Dora said...

I love it! You two have a lot of fun together :)

Kurby Family said...

That looks like fun...looks like that makes some huge bubbles! And I forgot to add on the last post that I love that you two went out on a date together. I have the sweetest picture in mind of you two. He is quite the handsome companion too-Lucky girl!

Shannon and Carey said...

Bubbles are so fun! That's a big bubble you made there.
PS: You look so cute!
Shannon and Family in Austin

Melissa Elsner said...

Bubbles! That's my kind of kid! Love that second photo.

Crystal M. said...

That is one AWESOME bubble blower!!

Carolyn said...

You are the bubble man, Mr. Max. Love the pics.