Friday, July 31, 2009

yummy and juicy...and all bitten up!

So I am always telling Max how yummy and juicy he is...well apparently the wasps and mosquitoes of the world agree.

This kiddo has such reactions to mosquito bites, and he has little welts all over his sweet body.

And in the past week, he has been bit by a wasp numerous times on two different days. The first time was in Chicago at the conference and he was bit five times. Three around his eye and two on his neck. His beautiful eye got all swollen, but fortunately Benadryl helped. Then tonight we were at a friend's birthday party and he got bit again...four times. Each time the stupid wasp (I seriously have never been so angry at a bug in all my life!) bit his sweet little left cheek several times and a few times on the left side of his neck.

The first time I was right there and didn't get bit at all. Tonight I only got bit once and that was because I was swatting the darn thing away from Max.

My mom was with us and thought it was odd too that the wasp once again went for Max and for the exact same spots. She suggested *perhaps* it was something to do with the hearing aid (which is on his left ear). I did some research tonight and only came across this article. It sure sounds logical, but it could also be completely coincidental.

Hmmm...wonder what we should do. We certainly can't go around without his hearing aid for the next month, but I definitely don't want him to experience the pain again.

*Has anyone else with a hearing aid had this experience?


katie said...

Poor little guy. That is so not fair.
Thank goodness he has not had a super bad reaction. Make sure you mention this to his doctors.
Hugs to the both of you.

Eva Nichole said...

Poor Max!! I hope this does not happen again this summer.
Crystal and Eva

Carolyn said...

Oh no, I hope you are feeling better.