Saturday, July 11, 2009

a simple, sweet afternoon

I just love watching Max play independently. There were many times that I wasn't sure if that day would ever come, so I appreciate this independence with such joy and pride.

So yesterday as I worked on our yard, Max played with his cars...and all was well. He was cracking himself up at times and his giggles were quite contagious!

After lunch, we just relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine. Can you tell Max was a lil' tired? But then I energized him by showing him how to rock the chair...he loved it!


Dylan and Family said...

I understand that 'sweet and simple' afternoon. What a quiet and wonderful moment for all of you.

Carolyn said...

Love the pictures, especially the one sitting in the chair with his legs up. He looks so relaxed. Glad the two of you had a restfull afternoon.
Carolyn in WV

Eva Nichole said...

Eva has the same slide but we are passing it on since we are getting a swingset next weekend and do not need so much stuff in our little yard and house...LOL! You are adorable Max keep up the great work.