Sunday, July 19, 2009


This morning we enjoyed a wonderful time at the park. Then we got home and realized something was missing.

That "something" is brand new, costs more than $1500, and most importantly provides Maxwell access to the world around him. Yep, that something is his very important hearing aid, and it is nowhere to be found.

We searched the park high and low for hours and hours. Several strangers joined our search party and helped too. Then a Korean church group of about 40 people lined up and did a thorough check of the field. It truly was an amazing team effort of such compassionate and concerned individuals! Our last resort was a metal detector...still no success.

I was so frustrated. I thought for sure we would find it. Fortunately we do still have his old hearing aid but it has some issues. Max isn't too pleased with it.

Not only was I frustrated with the loss of this wonderful hearing aid, I was emotionally exhausted after numerous discussions with people about why Maxwell couldn't "tell me" where the hearing aid was. I just focused more on the "non-verbal" component, but then they would suggest that perhaps he could point to where he threw it. How could I explain that cognitively Max isn't at that stage yet?

So here we are. We posted signs, contacted the Parks Department, and we'll do another search tomorrow. Fortunately, I *think* we have one replacement through the hearing aid company, but its such a shame to use that up just one month after getting it.

(Last night Maxwell took out his aid and placed in on the fence where he was feeding the horses. Bill and I both practically leaped for it! As much as Max LOVES his hearing aid, he obviously hasn't grasped the concept yet of taking care of our belongings.)


Eva Nichole said...

I remember when Eva lost hers it was so scarey, I was lucky to find it and we had not even had it for an hour...LOL!
I hope u find it!!
Crystal and Eva

Jaye said...

I hope you find it! What a wonderful show of people pulling together...sometimes we lose faith in humankind and then something like that happens! Yay!

Carolyn said...

I'm sending up prayers that you will find the aid or someone will come forward after finding it.
Carolyn in WV

RebeccaA said...

Been there, done that. Cameron lost his at school - we searched everywhere. Posted a reward poster and everything. He told us that he put it in his locker...but forgot one small detail...he put it in his coat that was in the locker. We ended up buying a new pair (his were old and it was time for new ones) and then a month after we got the new set I found it in his jacket (sigh). I pray that Max's aid turns up sooner rather than later.

Living In Freedom said...

Praying it will be found soon....

hannah m said...

So hopeful you guys find it - I'm fairly certain Viv's will get lost at some point, I suppose it's par for the course...but I dread the day!

shawn said...

The Koreans are a nice bunch. ;)
Which park? I hope you do get a replacement. We have been talking about looking into volunteering at ANT. Mady did it in the fall briefly, but we would like to as a family. I LOVE rec. therapy. Did you know I went to college for it? Wound up having babies instead of finishing, but I so much enjoyed rec. therapy as a Children's patient I wanted to persue it.
(Um, ramble much?)
It was nice to see you last week too. :)