Wednesday, July 15, 2009

adorable buddies

We had a few hours between appointments and the sleep study yesterday afternoon. We made arrangements with another CHARGE family to enjoy a fun afternoon at a local park.

Thanks "R" for making it was perfect! The amazing connection between Max and "C" has always been wonderful, but this time it was above and beyond incredible.

When we arrived, Max was wanting to hold my hand and I suggested his buddy's hand instead. Max loved the idea and would not let go of "C" the rest of the time. It was soooooo adorable.

Join the club Max...we all think "C" is pretty dang amazing!

Check out Max smiling and giggling with "C." He is so happy!

How precious are these two together? Max is looking at "C" with such complete adoration. Love, love, love this moment.

"C" thought it'd be fun to push Max in the swing.

"C" is signing "what do you want" to Max. Max just kept reaching around to his friend and giggling. Quite funny!

Max fell down (many times!) and "C" was right there each time to help him up again. :)

When it was time to go, "C" really wanted to help put Max in his car seat.


hannah m said...

Oh, my gosh...this is really so, so sweet. What a special connection!

Jennifer said...

Max (and mommy) - I love these pictures of you and your buddy. I think my favorite is the one where "C" is holding you at the playground, you are on the ground, and it's like you are just relaxing against him. Total trust, the way your hands are resting on his, not pushing away or anything. What fun memories or perhaps not a totally fun time away from home. Hugs to you all!

Eva Nichole said...

OMG!! I am in tears!! I love both those little boys and miss them and their mommies so much!! I wish we could find a friend like that for Eva.
Its sweet when the "Normal" kids want to help Eva but its even MORE sweet when the kids like our kids want to help.
Heart warming!!!

Erin said...

What precious friends!

Sarah said...

OH that is so darling! So so darling!

God Bless,
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb Hlebiczki

Dora said...

I absolutely love this. So adorable!!! Max has the perfect buddy, its like they were meant to be best buds, so cute!

Tommy's mommy said...

Oh Max I just love this post. How wonderful to have a great friend and one that I can tell you already look to.

We missed you at the P2P summer picinic. I need a Max fix soon and I know Tommy is greatly missing your mommy.

DAR1989 said...

Hey! That "C" is the reason I was introduced to your blog. Glad my friend "R" could visit with you and your mom, Max!

Eva and her 'rents said...

wonderful wonderful pics! It fills me with joy to see the love between those two.

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