Monday, June 1, 2009

meet andy

Meet Andy. He is one pretty amazing guy...and quite different than anyone else on Max's therapy team. I was a little hesitant at first but they have developed such a great connection.

They meet twice a week at Western and they practice communication...and sometimes guitar. Yep, Andy is in a rock band and has treated Max to many jam sessions. It is so cute to see them "play" the guitar together! Here Andy is encouraging Max to vocalize using the play microphones.

Thanks Andy for your dedication to helping Mighty Max!


Eva Nichole said...

Its amazing how we find the ones we think are not going to do so well with our kids and turns out they do the best with them.
Keep up the great work Andy!!
Crystal and Eva

Carolyn said...

Max, are you and Andy going to start a "rock band". You've got the drums.
Hugs to Max and Amy.

Anonymous said...

are you doing guitar hero yet?