Monday, April 27, 2009

tantrums and hearing aids

Max typically loves his hearing aid. However, he recently has incorporated the "removal" (the ripping out and throwing it) of his aid with his tantrums. (And unfortunately that seems to happen quite quickly and too often some days!) Then he gets even angrier that his aid is out and wants it back immediately. Then the cycle happens again...and sometimes again and again.

Frustrating? Yep, a little bit. But hopefully this is just a stage and it too shall pass...


Shannon and Carey said...

awwwww, there you guys are! Oh the tantrums. So sorry. Yeah, it's a stage. (We're deep in it too)
Oh Max, you keep your momma on her toes for sure.
Love the build a bear photos. Lights of Bellingham....funny!
Shannon in Austin

Eva Nichole said...

Oh Max you and Eva can have fits together, Eva is not liking her hearing aid or glasses right now. I am not sure if its because her ear may hurt from the surgery or what but it seems to be healed and I can touch it so I do not know whats going.
Good Luck Amy,
Crystal and Eva

hannah m said...

Max, you look so cute in pj stripes! Even if you're making it clear that you're not so enthralled with your hearing aid at the moment.

Amy, you know I know all about the hearing aid removal. I completely empathize, and yes, I tell myself all the time "This too shall pass..."

Carolyn said...

Amy, I hope in time that all this will pass.
Love you guys,
Carolyn in WV