Monday, April 27, 2009

max's first "build a bear" experience

Grammy treated Max to a Build a Bear for Easter...and what a fun experience!

Max took a while to decide which bear was "the one." (He finally took my suggestion of the hypoallergenic bear.)

One of the highlights was watching the bear come to life with the cotton machine.

(Right before this part, we had the option to put in a sound...i.e. lion roar, dog bark, etc. It was quite funny because I was asking if that was indeed the sound they were. I was worried it wasn't loud enough, but they thought I was concerned it was too loud and annoying and quickly reassured me it would be much more muffled once in the bear. Mom and I had a good chuckle on that one!)

But Max's absolute favorite part was "washing" and brushing the bear. So cute!

And of course as soon as Max spotted the camera, he decided on a self portrait.

Let's not forget the famous "light" photos. We should probably do a book titled..."The Lights of Bellingham."

Thanks again Grammy for a fun time...and a super cute bear! :)


hannah m said...

Sweet Friends - does this mean you're feeling better (so hopeful the answer is yes!)? Max, your bear is super cute (but not as cute as you - not even close!). Does he have a name?

Eva Nichole said...

What a fun day!! My kids LOVE build a bear, Eva has made one bear about a year ago but she was not as involved at that time.
Crystal and Eva

shawn said...

Seeing Max enjoy this so much makes me think he has come so far with sensory experiences! Wow! Just as those trials passed, I hope too, the tantrums will. You're a fabulous and patient mama.

Jen said...

looks like a lot of fun. What a great gift!

Carolyn said...

From the looks of the pictures, Max had a good time. And I love the self-portrait and the lights. He's consistant with his picture taking.
Carolyn in WV