Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a morning of celebration!

WOW! What a morning of celebration! Max impressed me with several new accomplishments...and all by 9 am! Pretty darn cool.

First, I have been eagerly awaiting the day that he would come get me in the morning versus screaming. HE DID IT! We actually were able to sleep in until 7am (he was up several times in the night). So I'm just laying in the bed enjoying this extended sleep time and I hear a little noise in the hall. And what do I see? The cutest lil' man walking my way! We were both very exciting to see one another! :)
Second, Max and I have a lil' morning ritual. He watches a video while I let the dogs out, get the coffee started...and most importantly prepare his "peanut butter and banana bowl." For whatever reason, he likes me to feed each bite to him. So I have been encouraging him to bring the bowl to me (usually I am just a few feet away). However, this morning he surprised me with the bowl delivery as I brushed my teeth in my bathroom. I couldn't believe he brought it all the way to me. So cool!
Third, I gave Max some peanut butter and then asked him to return it to the other room. And he did!
What a wonderful morning! And seriously, could the kid be any more beautiful than he is today? LOVE this shirt on him. (Thanks "L" for the wonderful hand-me-downs...such a huge help!)

And last but not least...my VERY favorite new photo. "Watch out world...here comes Mighty Max!"


Katy said...

He's really growing into quite the little gentleman, isn't he?

hannah m said...

Amy, I'm in happy tears over here! What a morning for you two. AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL! I can sense how full your heart is...and mine is, too! Look out world is right! Max - you rock. (You too, Amy!)

Carolyn said...

I love it. He sure knows how to melt my heart. Mighty Max and Incredible Amy.
Carolyn in WV

Eva Nichole said...

GREAT JOB MAX!!! Green is a great color on you to handsome boy!
Crystal and Eva

Eva and her 'rents said...

Wow, wow, WOW! Yay, Max! He's looking more and more the man he will become.

jenniferschouten2 said...

Hi Amy & Max -- I love, love, love your blog! Max is so incredibly adorable! You are such a wonderful mommy & all of the opportunities you have provided for Max to grow, learn, and develop are amazing. Loved the Build a Bear entry, loved the fish tank entry, loved this entry . . . Max is really accomplishing so much lately & hitting such cool milestones!! Your heart must just melt everyday! Love you both, Jennifer Schouten

Shannon and Carey said...

oh man. What a cutie Amy. He is doing great! I mean this is a huge turning point for you guys huh? He's just blossoming right before our eyes. He has the prettiest darn hair!
Kisses to you sweet Max!
Shannon in Austin

Anara said...

Hi there, How tall and handsome you are..... Such an amazing way to start the day..

I have a new e-mail Amy, it's

Love you two..... xoxoxo