Monday, February 16, 2009

yummy yummy yummy cupcakes!

Max has a new food favorite...cupcakes!

Our friend Lori treated us to some absolutely delicious, sweet, creamy, gorgeous cupcakes for my birthday. (Thank you Lori...we loved everything tonight!)

The moment Max tried a lick of frosting, he was in heaven. So cute! Bill even tried to put them out of Max's sight so that we could first eat dinner. Nope, Max had other plans...he quickly made his way into the kitchen and spotted the cupcakes. Too funny! :)

Here you go Mommy...this one is for you. Wanna share your icing with me?


Eva Nichole said...

Those look so yummy!! I think I just ruined my diet just looking at them...LOL!
Eva loves cake also, its her favorite thing in the whole world.
Enjoy your cupcakes.
Crystal and Eva

Amy, Mike and Ben Russo said...

Happy Birthday Amy. Those cupcakes look huge in Max's sweet little hands. I too LOVE cupcakes... and those are making me crave one.

Jaye said...

oh I am going to have to bake some! ;)
Happy Birthday Amy!

Stefanie said...

Happy Birthday, Amy! Hope you have a great day!

hannah m said...

We LOVE cupcakes in this house, too. They make me happy. Viv's a frosting kid like you, Max!

Happy, Happy Birthday Amy!

Ruthie said...

Looks like Max found his first love! Sorry Amy, but in that moment his world belonged to cupcake!

Carolyn said...

Incredible Amy, Belated Happy Birthday !!!
Carolyn in WV

Shannon and Carey said...

oh man.
Not the cupcake, the look on Max's face.
He's so darn cute!