Monday, February 16, 2009

quirky lil' kiddo

In the past few months, Max has developed a wee bit obsession with the pictures in my bedroom. There are a few photos from Africa and some artist drawings. He used to just stare at them...but now he thinks it is just hysterical for me to take them down for him. Who knows? They are some of the only wall hangings in our house without Max in perhaps that is what has him confused?
Whatever the reason...this lil' quirk makes me smile every day. :)


Eva Nichole said...

Maybe he is telling you that you need to change them out and put his picture in those frames..LOL!
Crystal and Eva

Ruthie said...

I think he remembers from the womb how you always were changing the machines at Curves all the time and is expressing his desire for change through pictures! :)