Thursday, January 15, 2009

fevers, assessments, emotional times all around

Max was up a lot last night and needed a lot of comforting. It seemed a little different than usual, but then this morning was a big indicator that something was "off." He was still sleeping at 7am...8am...even 9am. I cancelled our morning therapy, but finally I decided to wake up him for school.

Sure enough he was red hot and had a temperature of 104. Hmmm...he has seemed so healthy the past few days, so this is definitely unexpected. I am waiting to hear back from the doctor's office and keeping my fingers crossed that the Tylenol kicks in quickly.

He is extremely lethargic...again, very unlike my lil' man.

Meanwhile, we need to prepare for our evaluation with the DDD later today. We have our annual assessment for his Medical Waiver. The legislature is expected to make major budget cuts in the disability programs, including funding for there is definitely concern. But I remain hopeful that we have a solid team who will go to bat for Max and his needs.

On a personal much as I understand the need for these meetings, I am not looking forward to spending two hours reviewing all of Maxwell's challenges. Just not in the strongest emotional state right now to deal with it all...


Eva Nichole said...

(((HUGS))) Amy! I hope Max feels better soon and I know all about the emotional issues and how hard it can be sometimes. Sometimes the tears can work in your favor too so cry if you need to.
Crystal and Eva

Mary said...

Amy, I am so sorry you and Mr. Max are not doing well. We haven't had sun for days here and it is very depressing (although I do use it as my excuse that I can't see to dust). Yesterday was a really bad day for me. I cried most of the day but today is just fine and nothing has changed.
I hope both of you are well soon. Keep us posted.

Love, Mary

Loved your card. Glad you liked Maxwell's gift.

Carolyn said...

Mighty Max, I hope you are feeling better real soon. Give Mommy a hug for me. {{{Amy}}}
Carolyn in WV

Ang said...

prayers are with you.