Saturday, December 20, 2008

time for dancing!

This is another favorite song of Max's, and it requires a lot of energy! Jumping, dancing, falling...the works! (A few friends and I bought the Sign2Me program for their preschool class, so I'm excited for the songs to be reinforced at school too. Max is really enjoying all of it!)

Max's nurse and her husband were just heading out and we decided to do a quick dance. Sara was thinking this was just too funny and had to capture it one film. Notice even the dogs are getting into the craziness. :)


Carolyn said...

Awesome picture, love it. And the dogs too, they are always part of the family.
Carolyn in WV

Eva Nichole said...

Eva loves to dance/bounce its so much fun!
Keep on dancing!
Crystal and Eva

Melissa Elsner said...

How fun a dance party! Love it! Go Max Go!!

hannah m said...

You guys are simply adorable!