Thursday, December 18, 2008

an early Christmas present

Ok, I couldn't resist. Yesterday we were up super early and thought Max might enjoy opening a few gifts. And he sure did! :)
Aunt Meredith and Uncle David (and kiddos) know how much Maxwell loves Mickey Mouse, and they treated him to a fun doll, night light and ornament. All were a big hit!
Max loves to sign Mickey Mouse!
Yep, Mickey Mouse has joined Elmo in Max's circle of friends. Max even loves the box Mickey arrived in because of all the fun pictures. His bed is developing quite the collection!


Jen said...

very cute.

Eva Nichole said...

Keep it up Max and there will be no where for you to sleep when you go to bed...LOL!
We love Mickey Mouse too, Eva got one in Florida and she loves his hands.
We also have the same sign for Mickey Mouse.
Crystal and Eva