Sunday, November 9, 2008

"i'm a lil' teapot, short and stout..."

Several months ago, Max's nurse brought over some of her daughter's old toy collection...including a sweet lil' pink tea set. We have been using it to practice "role playing" and sure enough, he has totally caught on! So stinkin' cute.

He is learning to pour "tea" and shares with me. And what I enjoy the most? He actually "plays" as though HE is drinking from the cup! This is something he cannot do yet in "real life" (aspiration issues), but we have been trying to practice so that he might become more comfortable trying in the future.

I had the tea set in our "to go toy bag" since we had an evaluation at Western this week (they videotape our communication and provide input). And when he spotted the set last night at dinner, he insisted on bringing it out to play. (The guys were giving me a hard time that he was playing with a pretty tea set, but Max is man enough that it doesn't bother him!)

Notice he has one hand on the tea set and the other on his favorite block. And the grin? He LOVES watching the chef prepare the dinner...especially when he throws things in the air!

We had such a good time! AND he was sooooo well behaved, which made us very proud!

Time for a lil' tea...

(Oh and notice the new blocks on the right? Bill found blocks that have a sign on one side and braille on the other.)

Here you go Bill...enjoy!

All of our friends thought his "tea" activities were quite adorable! And he one-upped his cuteness when he copied the chef by banging his blocks just like he did! Too funny!

Way to go Max! Each and every day you impress me more and more!!!


Eva and her 'rents said...

That's so exciting to see! Way to go, Max!

Ang said...

sooooo cool maxamillion!!!

And I love that you and Bill have matching shirt colors!! Cool Dude that Bill is..

Have fun and poor a cup of your favorite tea for me please..

Love you!

Shannon and Carey said...

Great pics. Love that Max likes to watch the cook. Chop chop Max.
Bill's a cutie!
-Shannon in Austin

Eva Nichole said...

Great job Max!! I think I need to find Eva's tea set and work with her but hers is breakable so that is why I kept it out of reach.
Keep up the great work!!
Crystal and Eva

hannah m said...

This is awesome, Max + Amy. I can't wait to take tea with Vivian!

Suzanne Holman said...

I love seeing the latest photos of the handsome guy!
These with the tea pot are very cute!
Love from Grammy

ellen charge said...

ur such a good boy wanna come to my houseand make us soem tea

Lisa W. said...

So cute Max, enjoy your tea parties!

Kelly said...

Amy....everytime you stick in a little bit about Bill, I get a grin the size of Max's Hibachi smile! He sounds so fantastic! Truly a story of "waiting out the storm for the better to come".

I am excited for you AND Max to have someone so wonderful in your lives.

JAYNA BEAN said...

Max, you are a tea-drinkin' rock star! We are so proud of you!

Mary said...

As always, Maxwell is so cute. However, the picture that warms my heart is the one of Bill looking at Maxwell. The love shows all the way to West Virginia!

Carolyn said...

Max, you are so darn cute in these pics and I certainly agree with Mary. We can fell the love between Max and Bill here in West Virginia. Amy, Bill is a keeper. ;)
Carolyn in WV

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Imaginative play is such a big developmental step. That's HUGE! Congrats to Max - and mom.