Tuesday, November 4, 2008


In Whatcom County, we mail in our ballots. So we have lots of time to think about it, research...and of course procrastinate.

This is one of the first presidential elections in a very long time that I haven't been officially involved in for a very, very long time. And I am grateful. Why? Because I am really struggling with my decision. I have done research...and more research...and more research again. I have discussed the issue with friends and family and listened to their input.

However, I remain stumped. As we all know, there is so much at stake in our country. And for the very first time I am voting with a key issue in mind...the future of education and services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Of course there is also the economy, future of small businesses, basic priniciples of government, important social issues and so on to consider. AND while there are many promises being made that sound simply spectacular, it really bothers me when candidates promise programs that are simply not financially possible.

So I best run...Max just signed for "cookie" and I think he should probably start the day with something a little healthier. That was a much simpler choice than the others being made today!

*Saying an extra little prayer today that no matter who is elected, we are united as a nation and work together for powerful, effective solutions for our problems...especially the issues impacting my lil' adorable boy! :)

* GO VOTE! *


Tommy's mommy said...

We voted for 'change'. And however you or anyone else votes at least everyone is VOTING.

MadAnne said...

Good for you Tommy's mommy. This "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" stuff sounds good, but a lot of folks need a helping hand.

Eva Nichole said...

Well said Amy!! I know I had a hard time deciding also but I made my vote and now we just wait and see what happens.
Crystal and Eva

Jaye said...

I would love to vote. As a LEGAL permanent resident who's lived in the US for over ten years...a business owner who pays taxes AND a military wife who's husband is gone half of EVERY YEAR (including ALL the years BEFORE 911!) I'd LOVE to vote. But I cannot. I am not a 'citizen'. Not sure what the difference is between me and everyone else other than a piece of paper...I believe I have shown my support and patriotism for this country in SPADES....so I would have LOVED to have voted today....sadly I could not. I am glad however to hear of those who CAN vote actually do so! :)

ellen charge said...

hoping obama can make the world a better place for max and others like him hugs ellen