Monday, October 20, 2008

early morning wake up calls

Yep, the "sleeping pill" (aka melatonin) hasn't really worked quite yet. Today Mighty Max was wide awake at 3am and ready to go. So after just six hours of sleep for him (and three for me)...we were up and running. And his afternoon nap lasted only 20 minutes...eeks. How does this kid do it?

We still attempted our communication course tonight (knowing Max might not last very long), and we were able to stay for at least half the class. He was getting pretty cranky and ready for some ZZZ's.

Keeping my fingers crossed tonight goes well. I am staying up for a little bit to fill his belly (hoping that helps him sleep longer) and give him the melatonin. And then off to catch some ZZZ's for me too! :)

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Eva Nichole said...

I hope you both got some sleep last night!!
Crystal and Eva