Wednesday, June 13, 2007

out and about

Max has been feeling great this week and it is wonderful. :) Last night he didn't even require's been months since that happened.

So I am taking advantage of us being out of the "fall/winter/spring" isolation and Max's good health. We went to the aquatic center yesterday, and tomorrow we are heading to the Children's Museum.

The pool was not a hit with say the least. Actually he started crying when we hit the showers and worsened when we went into the water. So our "pool excursion" lasted a whopping total of 5 minutes. But it was fun seeing Jim and Thomas enjoying it so much! We hoped that would encourage Max, but no such luck.

This weekend we attended a race to benefit Max's therapy school. However, "water" was also an issue that day because it rained. And Max doesn't yet share my acceptance of walking in the rain. Oh well! At least we raised a little money for a good cause and enjoyed a few tasty doughnuts too. :)

We also have been doing A LOT of walking (with the walker) nearly every morning and evening. He just loves it. And for some sensory input, we have been using the swings a lot more. Hoping this good health spell lasts through his birthday at least...and perhaps (keeping my fingers crossed) through the CHARGE conference in July. Please Max please! :)


ellen charge said...

hope u grow to like it

MadAnne said...

Smart boy Max. I don't like walking in the rain either. Yeah, yeah, people will tell you how great it is. Stand your ground.

Eva Nichole said...

Eva doesnt care for swimming either, she doesnt mind a bath but the cool pool forget it!! LOL! I hope they grow to like it as much as Ellen does or at least little more then they do now..LOL!
Hope you enjoy the museum and hope to see some pictures.
Crystal and Eva

Diane and Alex said...

That's okay Maxwell, it takes time to like everything. Water is a little scary for a little child. I didn't like the water for many years. Just keep trying.

Keep having fun with mommy.

Alex and Diane Hensley

Mike, Amy & Ben Russo said...

Good job Amy for trying all kinds of new and exciting things with Max. I'm sure over time, Max will come to like the pool -- just may take a while.