Friday, May 25, 2007

the star of the show

Once again Max proves just how easily he can win over a crowd. :)

We were asked by the therapy center to serve as the "parent/student representative" for their annual meeting with the United Way. The meeting was yesterday and it went perfectly! I shared our story and the incredible benefits of the center. We brought them to tears, and then we got them laughing with Max's antics. He crawled right in the middle and started doing his yoga moves (downward dog is his favorite) and then displayed his emerging sign ability.

Despite not feeling great (but soooooo much better than a few days ago...whew!), he was so amazing and engaging with everyone. The center was thrilled and hopefully we have done our small part in encouraging more funding for the center. :)

In the next month, I have been asked to speak at two other events and share our story. I just love talking about Maxwell and the obstacles he has overcome with the help of our incredible medical and therapeutic team. We are blessed to be in such a supportive community, and I want to help in any way possible to make further progress for individuals with special needs.


Eva Nichole said...

That is so great!! AWSOME JOB!! I love helping places like that by telling Eva's story. Its so wonderful.
Keep up the great work!!

Crystal and Eva

ellen said...

keep it out u and max will inspire and help otbers as u have with all of us on here love u heaps

Drew said...

You have an amazing story to tell and the both of you together make an amazing story telling team. It's not surprising that you've been asked to speak at other occassions.

It would be hard not to delight in Max doing the downward dog. I love it!