Tuesday, April 10, 2007

learning about the gtube

Maxwell is really starting to understand the concept of his Gtube...and it is incredibly fun and cute! And quite smart too! :)

Whenever he sees me preparing a syringe of formula and medicine or programming his feeding pump, he lifts up his shirt!!! :) And then he puts his sweet lil' finger on the small hole of the Gtube. Not only is that sooooo clever, but what fantastic fine motor skills!

We had a very fun moment the other day with this new skill, and Jackson (Max's cousin) continues to replay it every day for me. (He loves telling stories over and over again! Such a cutie pie! And most importantly, he is sooooo sweet with Max!)

This is how it goes...

Jackson: "Amy, remember that day when you asked Maxwell if he wanted to eat, and he lifted his shirt?"

Amy: "Yes I remember Jackson, that was funny, wasn't it?" (How could I forget Jackson, we just talked about it ten minutes ago???)

Jackson: "That was funny becausse you were trying to feed him in his mouth, but he thought you were going to give it to him in his tummy. ha ha ha ha"

* On a side note, Max's oral feeding has not improved. It is pretty much non-existent and continues to be a source of daily frustration. But when he is being so cute and funny about the gtube, how can you complain? I feel blessed! :)


RebeccaA said...

Very cute about the g-tube and Jackson's interest. Just keep trying with the food - I know how frustrating it can be. Max is doing great!
Cameron and Nathan's mom

Crystal and Eva said...

That is so great!! What a smart little boy you have there (but I have been saying that for a long time)
Don't stress out about the feeding look at how much else he is doing.
Crystal and Eva

Lori said...

My friend cares for a boy who had an NG tube for nine years, and when he would get hungry, he would go grab his pump bag (a child-sized backpack) and bring it to her! It's amazing how they just get accustomed to "the way things are." But, now he is eating like a pro without the tube-- yay, Keenan!

You're super-cute and SO SMART, Maxwell!

Hoping that the green snot monsters go away soon....



Anonymous said...

Maxwell will conquer the g-tube, and oral feedings. I have faith.

Hope the little guy is feeling better.

ellen said...

your little guy is great and his cousins r so great with learning it all love them all

Shannon and Carey said...

Max, I forgot to say that I love your curls. Ok bye bye
Shannon in Austin :):)

Mike, Amy & Ben Russo said...

Max is one smart cookie! This is such a cute story that you will definitely be telling those two boys when they are older.

Lisa said...

Before you know it, he'll be doing the whole feeding just like Kennedy (if you haven't seen it, it's here). I know Kennedy will eat some day when SHE is ready to practice and work hard at it. She eats yogurt/pudding, drinks pediasure, etc, just not enough and only when she wants to. She's done everything else in her own time, this is just one more thing.