Tuesday, March 6, 2007

go max go!!! woo hoo!

We went to the park this weekend, and Max did soooo amazing! I couldn't believe it! I have been introducing him to slides this past month (playground and at school) and today he decided to do it all by himself! I was squealing with pride and excitement!

I sat him at the top and he would grab the sides. I was at the bottom cheering "Go Max Go" and he would let go and slide all the way down! Of course sometimes it didn't go perfectly, but what I loved the most was that he was willing to let go without my help! This kiddo has no fear!

* What's funny though is that here is this kiddo who is so strong and brave. Yet when I placed him in a standing position on the mulch ground cover, he was not happy at all and the bravery was long gone. He absolutely refused for his feet (with socks and hard sole shoes) to touch the ground. These sensory issues are crazy. (We are starting a new therapy intervention to assist with that.) For now, we will celebrate his victory with the slide! GO MAX GO!

Wooo hooo! I'm ready to do it again Mommy, are you? :)


dragginfly67 said...

What fun! He is such an amazing little boy!! I think I recognize this park from the building in the background...we've been meaning to check it out. Maybe we'll see you there someday! :o)


ellen said...

i had to think does he have charge LOL its just so amazing

carolyn said...

Oh Maxwell, you are amazing !!!! You can do anything. Glad you had so much fun.
Carolyn in WV

DonnaTownsend16 said...

That slide looks like fun Max! It's so great to see you having so much fun!!!What a precious little boy you are!!

CrystalandEva said...

That is so great Max!! I wish Eva could be there to play and you could teach her how to go down the slide too. You are amazing!

Crystal and Eva

Mark and Jaye said...

What an awesome new trick Max! Going down a slide is no easy thing for a kid to learn..all the balance you need! Wow!!!
Go Max Go!

Linden said...

Yeah Max! Keep on sliding!
Cameron and Nathan's mom

Sarah said...

Way to go Max!!!! Good work on both your parts, you are both so determined. Great job.

Sarah said...

Way to go Max!!!! Good work on both your parts, you are both so determined. Great job.

Anonymous said...

he looks great up on the slide. I love it.

Diane and Alex said...

Look at me, look at me. Oh, you are so adorable and growing up so fast. You are doing so good. Keep it up cutie. He is so adventurous.

Diane and Alex