Tuesday, March 6, 2007

special bible passage

Since Maxwell's arrival, this passage (John 9:2-3 ) continues to come into my life through various sources and it always brings me great comfort.

"His disciples asked him, "Rabbi", who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?"

Neither this man nor his parents sinned, said Jesus, but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life."


Leslie, Arlin & Katie Kauffman said...

Thanks for sharing that passage, Amy. I had never heard that before. Beautiful!

Leslie and Katie

Miss N Cedie said...

I really feel like that applied to Cedie's life. Thank you for sharing.



robyn-mcintyre said...

Thank you for sharing...I am always humbled by the words you write in your blog and that is a work of God through you...Thank You

dragginfly67 said...


CrystalandEva said...

That is so true!!! Amen!!

Crystal and Eva

Shannon and Carey said...

Amy. Thank you for sharing your favorite verse. The new pics of Max are just adorable. Give that little man a kiss on the cheek for me.
Shannon :)
PS: He's getting so big!

skeybunny said...


I love that passage, and although I know I have heard it before, it was nice to read the exact words again and reflect on the meaning.


carolyn said...

Amy, Thanks so much for sharing.

Inkling said...

Amy, thank you for sharing that passage. I just know that God has amazing things for Max, and for you. He is already using you both in so many lives.

In fact, reading about Max these past months has been a huge blessing for me, in that it has taught me much about being an advocate and caregiver for those with disabilities or long-term needs. I have a friend who is facing a serious pregnancy right now with twins, and doctors here told her all the gloomy and dire things they could to try to pressure her into terminating. She and her husband have never been around anyone who has had a tough pregnancy or who has cared for a child with special needs. They were scared and unsure of everything. But because of all you have taught me through your blog, I have been able to talk with them and open them up to so many possibilities of help and hope that they didn't know existed. It has been HUGE for them - totally positive and life-giving. Honestly, I know that God let me "meet" Max for a reason. And perhaps this is that reason.

When people see you and Max, they see the glorious God at work.

I hope these awkward words have encouraged you and cheered you on in some small way. That was my heart's intent anyway.

Diane and Alex said...

Remember that too Amy. Say it to yourself every day. I love those verses.

Thanks for signing Alex's birthday book. She loved and was very much surprised. You are a true friend and a friend that loves and understands a loving God. Keep up the good work.

Diane and Alex

Christin said...

Thanks for the reminder of God's grace and mercy in our lives - especially during this season of Lent as we approach Easter!
Have a wonderful day.
Cameron and Nathan's mom

Sarah said...

What wonderful words. You must have ESP, as we all know there can be days that are more difficult than others. God Bless you and Mighty Max. Also, thanks so much for the lovely card, it is hanging in Caleb's hospital room by his crib.

ellen said...

my grandmas a storng catholic so naturaly my fam is catholic but havent heard it but it is lovely

T Moss said...

Thanks for sharing the passage; here is one of my favorite quotes that I would like to share: "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was coming to an end, it turned into a butterfly" - Anonymous. I have been reading Max's blog since it started and am witness to the numerous times he was turned into a butterfly by overcoming one obstacle or another. Keep up the good work!