Sunday, March 11, 2007

sensory bin playtime

Last summer I started introducing Maxwell to various textures (lentils, kidney beans, pasta, etc.) for his sensory therapy, and we are finally starting to see some progress with his hands. Woo hoo!

This weekend I tried a different approach by sitting him in a bin and then piling in the beans. He actually had fun with exciting! :)

He started a few funny tricks with the beans and most include making a MAJOR mess. He literally tosses the beans everywhere! Oh well, at least he is making progress and having fun! His feet are still incredibly sensitive and he keeps them above the beans. But today he actually crawled in the bin and so his feet touched the "sensory items" and he only freaked a little.

I have dry pasta wheels in the bin and Max picks them out and gives them to whoever is playing with him. Really cute! Sometimes Shakespeare is the lucky recipient...he definitely is a fan of the sensory bin!

Check out Shakespeare patiently waiting for his "treat."

Oh cool, I can see myself in the bowl. And gosh darn, they are right...I am gorgeous! :)

So gorgeous that I want to kiss myself!

Hmm...these little beans feel a bit weird, but they actually are quite fun!


The Mommy Diary said...

Hey Max, You're doing great there!! Mommy is doing incredible work with you.

ellen said...

wow this looks fun and i want to join shakespear ther not to eat but to eat you with love

carolyn said...

WOO HOO Max, you are doing fantastic !! Keep up the good work, my little friend.
Love to you and mommy,
Carolyn in WV

Mary said...

You precious little angel! I agree with you. I want to kiss that beautiful curly haired guy whose reflection is in the bowl.

Great job, Maxwell. Your mother constantly amazes me. She is super!!!!

Crystal and Eva said...

Very cute!! Awsome job Max, I am going to have to keep my eye out for some textures for Eva, we have tried bean and stuff and she HATES it.
Keep it up big guy!
Crystal and Eve

Crystal and Eva said...
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Crystal and Eva said...
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Crystal and Eva said...
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Crystal and Eva said...

Sorry Max for some reason my comment posted like 4 times!!
crystal and Eva

Diane and Alex said...

Oh, you are so cute. How do you just keep getting cuter and cuter, how is that possible. Kiss the baby because he is so georgeous. That little boy is just everywhere isn't he Maxwell, and he looks just like you. HA!!

You have one amazing mommy and you are one lucky boy.

Hugs and Kisses,
Diane and Alex

Sarah said...

Way to go Max!!! You are doing great! We hope you feel better!
Brian, Sarah, and Caleb