Thursday, March 29, 2007

much, much, much better!

Well who knows what was going on with Mr. Max last night!?! As of late morning today, he was feeling much better and by this afternoon...a full recovery!

Hmmm, I'm curious to see how he responds when I restart his regular feeds. Right now I am doing tiny amounts of Pedialyte just to keep him hydrated. But later tonight I will start adding in his formula.

Woo hoo, what a relief!!!

He even was well enough to make the trip to Seattle with me...we picked up Papa and Grandma Mary from the airport. So wonderful to have them here and show off all of Max's tricks to them!

Right now they are watching the Mountaineers in the NIT. Every time they cheer and move their hands, Max does too! He is really enjoying sweet and funny! I will try and get some photos for sure. :)

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers for Mighty Max...what a relief that he is feeling better and back to his funny, wonderful self! :)


Leigh said...

Max I'm so glad you are feeling better!! We've been praying for you. Give a few good cheers for WVU for me!! Take care too Amy.

Leigh Rumsey

Mary said...

Thanks so much for the update on Maxwell. What a relief that he is doing better! Great ballgame. We kept Kitty on the phone the entire second half - such fun! There was a brief delay between when we saw if a ball went in and when she could see it in CA.

Enjoy your parents' visit and tell them "hello" from George and me.

Love ya,

carolyn said...

Woo Hoo !! Max, I'm soooo glad you are feeling better. I've been thinking of you and Mommy all day.

Amy, tell your dad Hi from a school mate. And a belated Happy Bithday, I saw it on the THS site.
Hugs to Max,
Carolyn in WV

Ang said...

WHOOHOOO...I'm glad you have turned the corner Max. Hugs. Enjoy Papa and Grandma Mary's time with you. Make sure yuo give them plenty of Kissy Faces.

godseyfive said...

I am so happy to hear that Max is feeling better. I just checked in on Evas site and read about Max, so I had to switch over and check on him. PRONTO! But it seems he made a speedy recovery from last night's episodes. I'm glad to hear it. I will pray for him, nonetheless, that he will remain calm without any more vomiting.

Lindsay Godsey

Crystal and Eva said...

I am so glad!! I have him on Eva's site as a list of prayers.
I hope he continues to stay well,
Crystal and Eva

Leslie, Arlin & Katie Kauffman said...

Amy, have you tracked Max's vomiting to see if there's any pattern to it? Katie has cyclical vomiting, and her symptoms are very similar. It always happens during the night, she falls in and out of sleep, her skin turns a pale gray color, her eyes sometimes roll back in her head, you can tell she's in pain, etc., but she feels totally fine the next morning. We learned about it a few years ago from others on the CHARGE list whose kids have it and we started tracking Katie's vomiting, and sure enough, we can pinpoint it almost to the week, sometimes even to the day. Hers occurs once every two months and lasts only one night, but for some kids it's more often and lasts longer. It's neurologically driven, not GI related.

Sorry for the long post, but just wanted to through that idea out there. Glad to hear that Max is feeling better!

Leslie and Katie

ellen said...

max you cant ever b sick for long we would all miss u