Tuesday, January 13, 2015

chocolate balls

Max LOVES anything chocolate...but of course I don't want to give him chocolate 24/7. AND he also has limited textures that he will eat so when I found this recipe last year, I had a feeling it would be a win win! Healthy, yummy and easy!

He soooooo enjoys these "chocolate balls" (aka known as "Magic 5 Snack Bites by Kris Carr - http://kriscarr.com/recipe/magic-5-snack-bites/).

Last night, he not only requested them using his AAC (making great progress with it lately...very exciting!) but copied my silly "chocolate ball dance" that I was doing to make him laugh as we made them. (Earlier he voluntarily got out of his chair to dance with me...first time ever!)

Too funny/amazing/adorable and just had to share (please excuse my obnoxious singing voice...but I'll embarrass myself any day for this kiddo)!...here is a snippet of the dance! Enjoy! (And by the way, try out the recipe...so good AND healthy!) YAY!

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