Wednesday, October 1, 2014

shopping with my silly sidekick

When this boy is happy, his joy is infectious...truly awesome!. So shopping trips (when he's in a good mood) can be very fun and quite silly!
I don't know what it is about Lowe's but Max seems to think THAT is the place where adults like him to wrap his arms around their calves and take him on a little ride. "Sure only weigh 50 pounds. Hop on my foot, no problem!" ha ha :)
"Well since I'm down here on the floor anyway (since my mom apparently doesn't love me enough to give me a ride on her foot!), I might as well take a break!"

"Oh now, this looks like a fun little hideout....maybe a good place to dance too with the spotlights and all!"

"After all that dancing, I need something to eat...Combos to the rescue! Momma, I want THAT one."
Last year I let Max choose a snack during a shopping trip to Lowe's. It's now become a tradition....and one that I find quite adorable actually.

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