Sunday, September 22, 2013

my little pigfish

We went shopping the other day for Halloween costumes. Typically Max expresses little interest in costumes. Occasionally he might point to something that he wants to see...but this year was quite different.
As Z and I tried to put together a fun "Princess Monster" costume for her, Max spotted a pig hat and wanted it on. He then insisted on the fish costume as well and yep...he wanted it on too. He asked to see a few other costumes as well, but he wasn't as interested. My little "pig fish" was so content in his self-designed costume!
When we went to pay for Z's princess skirt, I took off Max's items and returned them...thinking he didn't really want to actually take them home, but boy was I wrong! He insisted on getting the pig hat, so I did of course. We paid for that and started to leave. However, he spotted the fish costume again and started to point and vocalize (in his own way) that he definitely wanted the fish too. So sure enough we got it all! The cashiers were saying how creative Max's costume was and I was teasing that he's going to be a "pig fish." :) He said "oh, I thought he was going as 'surf and turf.'" How hilarious is that? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
So yep, here is this year's costume..."pig fish" / "surf and turf." It might just be my favorite costume ever! :)


Carolyn said...

Good job Max!
Hugs from WV

Katy McKinley said...

Pigfish sounds good to me! What a sweetheart, Max. Creative just like your momma.