Friday, August 16, 2013

fun at the fair!

After a day at the Northwest Fair with his camp, Max was joined by me and Z for the afternoon and evening. Lots of fun! The kiddos found a few favorite rides and went on those again and again...and again!!! Z was such a big helper getting Max on and off the rides and she would sign "he is happy" to me during the rides...or occasionally "sad" to let me know how he was doing. Love that she is learning ASL so quickly and that we can communicate so easily even when he can't hear each other  in crazy, loud environments! :)




At camp, Max and his friends did some silk screen art and entered it into the fair. They all won "first prize"...very cute. (And yes, I think Max had a little help with his entry!)

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Carolyn said...

Handsome Max and Beautiful Z. So nice that she is such a good helper..
Carolyn in WV