Sunday, July 14, 2013

Seattle trip

Max's name finally came up on the Seattle Children's Autism Center list (8 month waiting list) Friday we headed for our first appointment. I promised Z that we'd head to the zoo afterwards...and that made her quite happy!
After locking the keys (along with everything else) in the car while I gave Max a g-tube feed, we enjoyed a wonderful day at Woodland Park Zoo.

Highlights were definitely the penguins as always (love the ASL sign for them), the orangutan (was right up at the window looking at us)...and definitely the little jungle gym that made Max super giggly.
All the other kiddos were climbing across the maze...when Max realized, "Heck, why don't I just walk around and avoid all of that?" Smart thinking Mighty Max!

Then he decided "Nah...I'll go back and give it a try."

Z loved the zip line!

Max and Z both thought making "elephant poo paper" was pretty cool...and so did I!

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Carolyn said...

Look like Max and Z had a great time.
Carolyn in WV