Monday, June 24, 2013

"So Ferb...what are we doing to do today?"

Celebrate Max's 8th birthday!
Yep, Max turned 8 this weekend (WOW!) and we celebrated with a super fun Phineas & Ferb celebration!
First game was "You're so busted!" with the Candace "busted" song....all the balloons had to be popped by the kiddos before the song finished. And Max totally thought it was great...awesome!


Then we played the "Where's Perry" soundtrack as the kiddos hunted for all the hidden Perrys around the backyard.

Max was definitely more into looking at his Perrys than posing for a picture with me. :)

Max loved all the fun Phineas and Ferb prizes they kept winning for all the games. Love that he is learning to use his breath...check him blowing out this toy! YAY!!

No party is complete with a Pin the Tail game...right?

And one of my VERY favorite moments of the party...time to blow out the candles. AND HE DID IT! All eight...and ALL on his own! I squealed with delight!!!!!!!

But I think Max's favorite part was eating his double decker dark chocolate cupcake with yummy vanilla frosting...YUM!!!

He even tried to share a few bites with sweet! No worries Max...there is plenty for everyone!
And of course, Max had to fit in some hair pulling...his favorite activity!

Another favorite moment? Max chilling by himself on the trampoline after the party...he obviously wanted some alone time. :)


Katy McKinley said...

Did you save any of those cupcakes for us? Looks like you had a great party, as always. :)

Carolyn said...

I LOVED the pic of Max blowing out the candles.
Hugs from WV