Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BAHA and GH approval!

Celebratory dances in the McKinley family!!! :) Why you ask? Well, after hundreds of phone calls, emails and letters from me and the medical team...(drum roll please)......

We got approval for Max's softband BAHA (next step will be surgery using the same processors)....AND the growth hormone. We have been working on approval for these for over a year and they both were approved on the same day!

I should note that our private and primary insurance (Regence) denied both (very frustrating). It was our second insurance that Max has through his medical waiver that came through on this. We are SOOOOO fortunate and blessed beyond measure to have this second insurance.

(Sorry state insurance for how expensive my precious lil' man is...but thank you very much for understanding and respecting his needs!)


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Jaye said...

State insurance..if that is provided by tax payers then I can say, as a WA state tax payer, I AM PROUD to have been able to in any way have provided this for Mr. Wonderful Max!!! Max isn't expensive...he is PRICELESS!! GO MAX GO!!!